Netstar Networks secures corporate networks in Australia with Beyond Security's vulnerability scanning service - AVDS

Netstar Networks secures corporate networks in Australia with Beyond Security's vulnerability scanning service - AVDS

Jan 19, 2009

NetStar Australia today announced it has signed an exclusive Australian partnership with Beyond Security, to offer customers an automated network vulnerability scanning service.

Beyond Security's Vulnerability Scanning Service is a fully automated scan of a customer's network which can be done remotely via the Internet or via a dedicated, on-site appliance. The service scans Web servers, mail servers, FTP servers, Exchange servers, SQL servers, routers, switches and internet-exposed firewalls for possible security vulnerabilities. The process can scan a C-class network in seven minutes and generates a vulnerability report that prioritizes all vulnerabilities by risk level and recommends remediation. During that time, the customer's network is tested for more than 10,000 vulnerabilities (updated hourly) which could potentially expose the business to external attacks.

NetStar recently completed a customer survey which showed that more than 75 percent of respondents either did not have a regular vulnerability scanning program or were currently in the market for such a service.

Oliver Descoeudres, Marketing Director of NetStar said, "Vulnerability scanning is an under-utilized technology in Australia for several reasons, not the least being that the service and similar offerings can sometimes be quite expensive. Historically organizations have relied on penetration testing or an annual 'ethical hack' to comply with regulatory requirements. However, as well being expensive - costs typically starts from A$30,000 for a one-off test - the dynamics of today's network and rapidly changing threat landscape mean that automated, regular testing of networks has become essential".

"After a significant evaluation of several vendors in the vulnerability scanning space, we chose Beyond Security as our partner because of the quality of their offering. Beyond Security's product has an extremely low false positive rate as well as being non-intrusive, with little to no impact on a network's performance. In addition, the solution is very competitively priced. We expect there will be a high demand for this service among our customers as it's highly affordable."

Steve Hopwood, Country Manager for Beyond Security Australia said, "We are pleased to partner with NetStar in the local market for network vulnerability scanning. NetStar has a strong customer base and a clear understanding of the importance of securing a company's network against the risks of outside attacks. We look forward to a strong ongoing partnership with NetStar."

One of NetStar's key clients, a major Australian property management company, has already implemented Beyond Security's Vulnerability Scanning Service. A representative of the company said, "Network security is of utmost importance to our business. The service that NetStar and Beyond Security provides gives us peace of mind that our confidential information is kept secure."

About Beyond Security
Beyond Security, a privately-held company, develops leading vulnerability assessment and self-management solutions that facilitate preemptive, real-time and continuous network, server, database and application security. The company was founded in 1999 by the founders of SecuriTeam portal (, a leading source for vulnerability alerts and solutions serving 1.5 million monthly page views to IT security professionals. Beyond Security's founders are great believers in automation, which is why the company sells tools instead of using them to provide services. Beyond Security's goal is to decrease the number of security holes in products to manageable levels and empower software vendors to release secure products. For more information, visit