beSTORM Protocol Modules

Dynamic testing of any proprietary protocol

beSTORM Test Modules List Includes Protocols, Applications, Hardware, Files, Wifi and EDSA

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beSTORM's complete list of protocol modules makes it the most versatile, commercially available, dynamic application testing solution. Used by governments, military and major equipment manufacturers for nearly a decade, it is now available and recommended for application and equipment manufacturers for the security testing and certification of their products.

With one tool it is now possible for QA engineers to accomplish fast, highly accurate, dynamic security testing. Arm your QA team with a single, easy to use, multi-protocol, well developed and well supported tool that bundles into one package all of the tests and attacks that it would take hundreds of unsupported, open source fuzzers to accompllish.

As a true black-box testing tool beSTORM requires no access to source code and little or no training on protocols to get started with dynamic security testing. Its 'Auto Learning' feature allows it to fuzz proprietary protocols as developed for aerospace, medical and manufacturing applications and equipment.

Protocol modules available with beSTORM:



Transport Layers:

Network Servers:




Low-level Network:

Network Clients: